Water Tiger - 4 Part Virtual Painting Class

  • $25.00

This Is a Virtual Painting Class Package with Grace Noel! 

Help Support Spectra in this time of need & cure that cabin fever with this fun & comprehensive painting class+ package! All you need is paint, some brushes, and something to paint on! Sit back, Stay Home, and quarantine create with us!

Skill Level: No Experience needed! This class package is amazing for EVERYONE! Even if you are a painter or have painting experience you are sure to get A LOT of valuable information, tips, and techniques from this class package! 

These videos will guide you step by step through painting a beautiful and stylized water tiger with Grace Noel.

This painting class is a 4 part video package + Downloadable PDF Pattern!:

  • Video 1: "How to transfer printed images with chalk."                                      This video will show you how to transfer the drawing of the Water Tiger from downloadable PDF after you print it using chalk and a pen!
  • Video 2: "Studio Practices and in-depth zodiac background of The Water-Tiger."                                                                                                                   Learn from Professional Artist Grace Noel some amazing tips to apply to your own studio practice, in addition to gaining a deeper understanding of the Chinese Zodiac 5 elements! 
  • Video 3: "Painting the Water-Tiger"                                                               Follow along with Grace to paint your water tiger. Using techniques in painting wet into wet, learn how to blend, use shading, and so much more! 
  • Video 4: "Finishing off your Painting!"                                                        Applying a gel medium to your finished painting

In this comprehensive class package, you will learn about values, shading, surface preparation, materials, studio practices, and so much more! You will be able to create a masterpiece from start to finish with limited materials! Grace will also teach you about the Chinese Zodiac 5 Elements through the sign of the Water-Tiger. The years of the tiger and elements are listed below, the water tiger being 1962 and 2022:

1926 Tiger Fire Yang
1938 Tiger Earth Yang
1950 Tiger Metal Yang
1962 Tiger Water Yang
1974 Tiger Wood Yang
1986 Tiger Fire Yang
1998 Tiger Earth Yang
2010 Tiger Metal Yang
2022 Tiger Water Yang


Create your very own masterpiece using just a few materials! All you need is: 

1. Surface to paint on.

2. Chalk (For the Image Transfer)

3. Pen Or stylus.

4. Brushes | Cup Of Water | Towle

5. Acrylic Paint: Two hues* of blue (Or the color of your choice), and white!   

*Different versions of a color or shade. EX: Teal & Ultramarine Blue. 

Each video includes a more detailed guide for materials. 

After you purchase this product you will receive an email with the Virtual Painting class kit in 4 parts & a downloadable PDF to print so you can transfer the drawing to your surface with chalk! 

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Happy Painting!