CLS Lil Rasta. , Framed Print With Hanging Sculpture

  • $40.00

Part of the Collection "CLS Across Denver" created by Sadie Young and Kayla Smith in collaboration with CLS for the show "Abstract Curiosity". This is the perfect addition to any art collection, especially those with an appreciation for the wonders of urban art!

This is an 11'X14" Framed Photo (Slightly Larger in Black  Frame) of a mural in Denver by CLS. It comes with a hanging wall sculpture created with found wood pieces from the mural by CLS in the photo. The frame and the wall sculpture are both hang ready. With the wall hanging these are real collector items! The second photo on this listing shows how each framed print with a wall hanging has teeth attached for hanging with ease. 

Shipped with care, also available for local pick up. 

Comes with a FREE pin and sticker from Spectra as well!