Bear Ears Stackable Rings by Marni (NEW Style)

  • $24.00
  • Save $6

 These adorable glass rings feature bear ears on top! They are the first(and only) of their kind and we are the only ones who have them! Get them while you can!

This is a brand new design by Marni and is ment to give your fingers bear ears and stack beautifully with the princess ring design. 

Pick your favorite color or stack a bunch!

Picture 1 is a group shot
Picture 2 is Amethyst size 6 1/2
Picture 3 is Meta-Terrania size 7
Picture 4 is Magenta CFL size 6 in Daylight
Picture 5 is the same Magenta in CFL light!
Picture 6 is Ruby Gold size 6 3/4- this particular ring has Black accents in the ears!
Pictures 7-9 show how the rings stack with a Princess ring!

Packed with FREE stickers, pins and Lots of Love!