"Dead Kennedys"

  • $300.00

Exclusively at Spectra Art Space. All new work by DangerVisuals. 

Skellistration of the Kennedys,  Black matting, in rustic golden frame!

Picture Size: 10.5" x 13.5"

Frame size: 18"x 22"

Art Will ship with free pin, magnet, and sticker.

On May 2nd, Spectra Art Space was please to host Ben Danger aka Danger Visuals for an opening reception of Deadly Delights and Danger Zone activation. This collection includes his all new originals. This series is primarily made up of vintage and antique photos,magazine covers, and advertisements that he finds during his travels, which he then embellished, skellistrated, and puts in antique frames. 

About the Artist: Ben Danger is the founder of DangerVisual, a premier graphic design company who has become well known for their work in the glass industry, working with prolific artists, and prestigious galleries across the country. His unique style has made an impression in this growing counterculture community. He has not only experienced success in the graphic design world, but also in the world of art, showcasing in several galleries with his art work, in group and solo exhibitions. 

"We have fostered the skateboard, snowboard, and functional glass community and have had the privilege of working with the most revered artists, galleries, and companies in the industry."