CLS - Public Street Art Vol. 2 - Abstract Curiosity

  • $60.00

This is the perfect addition to any art collection, especially those with an appreciation for the wonders of urban art! A beautiful coffee table book, featuring the art of the prolific artist CLS. 

This is a comprehensive Self Published Book by artist CLS which was released in conjunction with his solo show Abstract Curiosity, at Spectra Art Space. It features a cover page with his artist statement and a 59-page photo documentation of his "Post Graffiti" assemblage street installations spanning over 5 cities with an emphasis on Chicago and Colorado. 

This is his second book, released in 2018 following his first self-published CLS Public Art "Chicago, Illinois" published in 2009. 

If you would like us to unwrap your copy and have the artist sign it before we ship it to you please select that option. Allow  3-5 business days for processing if you select this option.